student successes

I've worked with hundreds of students since I started coaching in 2012.

The majority have been offered places at all the major drama schools and have landed dream acting jobs.


All have improved their craft, their confidence, and worked out what makes them special as an actor. For me, this is the biggest success of all.


'I very much enjoyed working with Natalie on my speeches; she made me aware of a lot of things I need to work on in order to make them more truthful and to allow myself to connect to them on a stronger level. I was amazed at the relaxed and safe atmosphere she managed to create so quickly in the workshop, allowing everybody to freely take risks and try new things out. I can't wait to work with her again!'

Claire Lowrie 

'Natalie has been an invaluable support in my preparation for drama school auditions; there is no way I could have felt more empowered and ready without her guidance. She is bang up to date with the audition process and is dedicated to all her students in preparing them with the right advice and support each individual needs. She has an amazing grasp of the language and meaning of Shakespeare, helping you untangle the thought processes and discover the truth of the text. With great notes and feedback to work on in-between sessions and always being flexible with last minute sessions before recall auditions, I was supported throughout the whole process. Natalie is dedicated, passionate and supportive in her approach. I felt excited in performing speeches I found a real connection with and enjoyed discovering more things about them throughout the whole process.'

Imogen Irving 

'Natalie is in the know. She's current and exciting. She makes things simple for you and makes it make sense.  I've been going to her for two years and she continues to surprise me with the life and freshness she breathes into my pieces which I believe re-invents them and inspires me. I feel comfortable in Natalie's classes, knowing that she truly wants the best from me and as a result I know I can trust her.'

Gabrielle Nellis-Pain 

'I cannot recommend Natalie enough. Not only did she help me get back to basics and find the initial truth in my speeches, but technically the work we did on my Shakespeare was wonderful. I knew that I understood the lines of my speeches, but I mean I finally REALLY understood them. It was great to work so technically on the text and find out what my character wanted and needed not in just the overall speech, but in every single line. Thank you Natalie so much for your help!'

Nicole Zwieback 

'Working with Natalie has been a great experience and truly invaluable to me through the drama school application process. Her useful advice and generally friendly and positive approach helped me to feel relaxed and keen to experiment in our sessions. One of the best things Natalie has helped me with is feeling more confident and not being afraid of going with my gut instincts, teaching me that being yourself will give you the best chance of success. Having had a few sessions during the process Natalie was always very thorough and attentive when going through feedback from drama schools with me, working on issues that arose and also boosting my confidence and helping me to keep my optimism. By drawing on her varied and extensive experience she has taught me so many essential things, in particular helping me to "get out of my head" and find more truth in my acting, something I specifically was in need of! I would definitely recommend coaching with Natalie as she has a wealth of current knowledge of the industry, which is so beneficial at this stage. Her wonderful ability to make you feel satisfied and confident at the end of each session has undoubtedly improved my acting as well as my general outlook during what can be an intense and ruthless process.'

Gina Ruysen 

'When I first came to Natalie I was slightly overwhelmed by the whole drama school audition process. Having never auditioned before I had no idea where to even start or what to expect. However after just one session, I grew so much in confidence, left with a bundle of new monologues and with a clear idea of what to expect throughout the audition process. Safe to say I learnt more in an hour with Natalie than I could ever have imagined. Throughout the sessions we worked on my pieces to the point where I actually understood my character and what they wanted and now I absolutely love performing them. She has an incredible understanding of Shakespeare and really enabled me to find the truth in the text.  Working with Natalie has been amazing and I honestly cannot recommend her enough.'

Charlotte Wyatt 

'Things you should know about working with Natalie:


1. You will absolutely love it from the very first minute. She's one of those people who can instantly create a rapport with you. I don't know how she does it. 

2. She pays attention. You don't get generalisations and clichés thrown at you. What differentiates Natalie from any other coach I've ever had is that not only does she have a deep understanding of the human condition but also she's able to communicate it in a way that is tailored to you and makes sense.

3. You will be pushed. Not literally, she's a sweetheart, she'd never do such a thing. She will push you to face what you are doing and expose the reasons why you are doing it. However she manages the lesson so well that everything is done in a safe and judgment-free environment. 


Working with Natalie brought back the element of fun and enjoyment in the preparation of my monologues and helped me grow and learn to work on my weaknesses without beating myself over them.'

Lia Tasoudi 

'I have only had a few sessions with Natalie but am currently desperate to find the time to book more! In the intense sessions I had with Natalie she helped me choose the pieces that I am currently using to audition for drama school. She also worked on them with me, teaching me different techniques I can use in the future when working on text. She has been through the audition process and she has been on the panel, so knows exactly what drama schools are looking for.The improvement in my pieces is amazing - I feel confident and happy with them and that has been backed up by my audition results so far. Natalie makes her clients feel comfortable during her sessions and most importantly I've had so much fun during our sessions together! I would definitely recommend Natalie to anybody looking for help on working on text whether for an up and coming performance or for auditions.'

Sarah Huckin

'I feel very fortunate to have had Natalie's help throughout my drama school applications. She has a wealth of up to date knowledge and insight to offer but shares it with you in a way that doesn't feel overwhelming. She's on your side and has an incredible ability to help bring out parts of yourself in a performance you didn't even know were there. Natalie will push you to achieve your best but will do it with care and patience. I couldn't recommend her highly enough!'

Daniel Bravo 

'Natalie puts all her energy into each session. Her attention to detail and focus is amazing, she always finds new ways to make you connect with your speeches and discover new meanings, keeping them fresh and alive. I can go to my auditions knowing that I can give my best and I am well prepared. She can support you in every aspect as she is well in the know about what panels are looking for and more importantly, she helps you to discover what you want from drama school. It’s been really great to work with her, I can’t recommend her highly enough!'

Matilda Bedford 

'The work I did with Natalie on my audition speeches took them to the next level and what I believe allowed me to gain places at two drama schools. Working in a really detailed and specific way, Natalie breathed depth and colour in to my speeches, both physically and emotionally. We explored different exercises, mainly Laban, that allowed me to break down my speeches, find more depth with each of my characters and contrast. Natalie’s background as an actor and also knowing the drama school system is evident in her approach and invaluable for any applicant.. She is personable, current, fresh and worth a visit.'

Aimee Cassettari 

'I love classes with Natalie, she has helped me gain confidence, stable my nerves and helped me remain optimistic throughout this process and it has been an invaluable experience. I feel like I can truly trust her and ask her for advice on anything when it comes to my future and career. She is very thorough , makes me feel 100% comfortable to come out my comfort zone to add life to my work and I feel she brings out the best in me with her honesty, positivity and wealth of knowledge. Overall, she is a very inspiring woman to work with and I highly recommend her classes.'

Maisie Armah -

'I came across Natalie late in my first year of the audition process, but I cannot begin to express how I wish I had found her sooner! Coming from previous training at an arts institution I thought I had done enough preparation for my drama school auditions. However after being unsuccessful in gaining a place after a number of auditions I sought advice from elsewhere. I came across Natalie a few weeks before my last audition, I need say nothing other than the fact that this was the audition that I got the furthest with after we had only done a few sessions together. Although I was unsuccessful in gaining a place last year, I am only 18, and thanks not only Natalie’s sessions, but her friendly advice and support, I am working with her earlier this year and as a result I am more passionate and determined. Natalie has taught me a number of things in the short time that I have been working with her and I am excited about my next round of auditions.'

Georgina Tack 

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